We charge a transparent fee for professional independent financial advice, implementation and a review service.

Initial Meetings

We will hold an initial meeting at our expense without obligation. This will allow us to determine your chosen objectives and find out about any existing financial arrangements.

Report Fee

We charge a fixed fee for the research, analysis and provision of a recommendation report. We will confirm the exact fee in our engagement letter. If we do not implement our recommendation this is the only fee you will have to pay.


We typically charge an implementation fee. This implementation fee can be offset against the report fee in certain circumstances. The fee can be paid for by you directly or we can deduct it from the investment.


We charge an annual fee. We can deduct this review fee from your investment portfolio or it can be paid directly by you.

The review fee pays for the ongoing relationship with a minimum of one formal annual review meeting to discuss any changes you may need to make to your financial plan and to discuss any changes to your personal of financial circumstances.

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